Music & Public Relations

Music is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love it and listen to it just about every day. So with music being my interest and my major being PR, this topic of the week has asked me to relate the two. How does PR relate to music? Well lets see, you have music promotion, advertisement, and a continual system that makes that particular artist or record label good, that public relations can provide for that music company or artist.

Music promotion can be done in many ways, whether it be by the media, by word of mouth from listeners or by their PR representatives. I feel that PR is important for them because they are essentially helping them build a larger fan base. By always backing the music industry or that particular artist, by making them look good to the public, cleaning up a mess that could be caused by scandal, or what have you. Public Relations keeps positive feedback from that artist or record label to keep existing customers and potential customer’s. Advertisements are used to promote music as well. PR can help clean up an advertisement that could offend anyone or music video that the public might see as offensive. Basically , PR can be used as a security for any foundation to keep loose ends from making the company looking bad.



6 thoughts on “Music & Public Relations

  1. Music can also be used to put people in a specific mood. If you, as a Public Relations practitioner, are trying to make your audience feel good, you’re going to ask to use a feel-good song in an advertisement. And the same goes for if you want your audience to feel sad about something.

    Music is advertised everywhere now. It’s amazing how we are able to obtain the music that we listen to. Many of the artists I hear on friends’ iPods are from Youtube. Michael Henry and Justin Robinett are a great example. They only do covers of songs but some of the covers they do…scratch that…MOST of the covers they do are better than the original. I have also found some of my favorite bands on Stumbleupon or 8tracks. It’s amazing how much technology gives us access to.

  2. I saw music and public relations and this post automatically grab my attention. PR relates to music in many ways and I agree with the ways you mentioned such as its promotion, advertisement, and the reputation being handled of the artist/label. In class discussion that we have had, when we talk about PR we a lot of times associate it with artists (music).

    I also found my self nodding my head agreeing with Marie’s comment. Music is advertised everywhere now and a main way is through YouTube. I discovered my favorite artist (Anhayla) on YouTube and as you said, her covers are better than the originals.

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  4. PR is definitely beneficial to the music industry. Artists need a professional there to project a good representation of them. If a crisis occurs with the artist, a PR professional can be there to lighten and manage the situation depending on how bad it may be.

  5. I found this post to be very interesting because you related pr and music. Public relations does a lot with the music industry, and like you said, it can make or break a record deal. Many musicians like to sing about what they want or what they think they want their fans to hear, but sometimes it can come off wrong. The pr practioner will then fix it before it hits the media, if not, there job is to fix it once it has come out and try to make light of what has happened.

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